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What is AI Register? What information can I find from this page?

The AI register is a window into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in use or in development by the Scottish Government and the wider Scottish public sector. Through the register, you can access general descriptions of Scottish AI systems, designed to help you get a better understanding of how AI works. Or if you already have a good knowledge of the technology, you can examine more detailed information of what processes are being used, and how data is helping us to make better decisions and improve public services.

You can follow the development and use of specific AI systems, from conception through development into operation, and when applicable, retirement. The AI register also gives you the opportunity to give us feedback on those AI systems, and help us deliver the trustworthy, ethical, and inclusive AI we all want for Scotland.

How does AI impact me and my everyday life?

Although we don’t always know it, Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our daily lives. Scotland’s goal is to become a leader in the development and use of trustworthy, ethical, and inclusive AI. We want to make the best use of AI to contribute to making Scotland fairer, greener, more prosperous, and outward-looking nation, but want to do it in a way which is open and fair to all our citizens. The Scottish public sector is adopting AI to create better economic, social, and environmental policies and to provide better and smarter services for the people of Scotland.

What does artificial intelligence mean? What is AI used for?

Artificial intelligence refers to computer systems that carry out tasks that we traditionally associate with human intelligence. For example, AI systems can aim at easy and fast information discovery, identifying objects or people, providing relevant recommendations, or more efficient traffic management. They usually do this by first considering their environment, or the context that they are being used in. They then add to that any additional data or information provided as part of the process. Then with some level of autonomy they devise the best solution to achieve the goal assigned to them.

However in all use of AI, people are required to programme, train and monitor the systems performance. Humans are always responsible for the operation and ultimate outcomes of artificial intelligence.

What ethical principles are followed in the use of artificial intelligence?

In 2021 the Scottish AI Alliance, of which the Scottish Government is a lead partner, published Scotland’s AI Strategy. In this strategy we detailed the high level Principles for AI in Scotland.

Our principles state that

  • AI should benefit people and the planet.
  • AI systems should respect the rule of law, human rights, democratic values, and diversity.
  • There should be transparency and responsible disclosure around AI systems.
  • AI systems must be robust, secure, and safe.
  • Organisations and individuals developing, deploying, or operating AI systems should be held accountable for their proper functioning.

We also adopt UNICEF’s policy guidance on AI for children when working with AI systems that impact children.

These ethical guidelines are key to how we want AI to work in Scotland.

How do we engage with our stakeholders and citizens? How can you get involved?

We will engage stakeholders and citizens throughout the lifecycle of AI by encouraging participation and awareness at all levels. We will make use of the Scottish Government’s Consultation Hub to run public and targeted consultations, run focus groups to help us gauge wider public opinion and request feedback on our AI activities via this register.

We want to earn the informed trust of the people of Scotland that government uses AI responsibly, by building transparency, inclusion and accountability in from the outset.

You can get involved by participating in any of our open public consultations or by providing your feedback via the feedback forms in this register. We want to collect continuous feedback on our AI systems and to hear what you think about how the Scottish Government is using new and developing technology to better the lives of the people of Scotland.
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